Selfridges Beauty Workshop

400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB



0800 123400


020 7318 2408 / 020 7318 3647







Do I need to book an appointment?

Drop-in appointments are subject to availability, so we always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment on busy days!

How much extra will it cost to have extensions?

Please have a look at our extensions price list here.

Can I ask for a style that’s not on the menu?

We can usually accommodate variations on styles, but please email in advance to confirm that we can achieve your chosen style!

Can I still get braids if I have head lice?

Unfortunately, due to our health & safety policy, we cannot braid hair infected with head lice.

Do you braid on all hair types?

Yes, our braiders are experienced in braiding all hair types. 

What is a ‘braidbae’?

Braidbaes are all of the girls (and boys!) that we have braided, and who believe in braids before-anything-else! Some of our past braidbaes include Cara Delevigne, Mabel McVey and Miranda Kerr!

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