Five Feminist Must-Reads

Five Feminist Must-Reads

Girl power! The feminist titles that everyone should read.

Five Feminist Must-Reads

In a time when we need feminism more than ever, there are plenty of great books out there for young people, that champion feminist values. Whether its through the discussion of feminist issues, or through the author’s support of women’s rights, these 5 feminist favourites might just inspire you to take over the world one day…


Youth-friendly and fun to read Full Frontal Feminism has an important message and that’s “yeah, you’re a feminist, and that’s actually pretty cool”.


Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins has been dubbed the holy grail of black feminist theory and history.


This truly hilarious title tackles the F-word in a collection of sharp and witty essays, Nugent explores topics ranging from beauty standards to female friendships.


This incredibly funny and powerful essay collection about race, gender, and pop culture by comedienne Phoebe Robinson is an inspiring and educational read.



The Little Book of Feminism will teach you everything you need to know about being a feminist. From the history of feminism and theories, to the issues that women face today.




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The Podcasts You Need to Download

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