#TBT the best celeb Halloween costumes

#TBT the best celeb Halloween costumes


#TBT the best celeb Halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to get some fancy dress inspiration than by looking back at some of the best costumes Hollywood has had to offer over the years!

Starting our countdown is the unapologetic Katy Perry who dressed as a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto back in 2014. This cheesy costume was completely wacky and original, complete with a Cheetos packet handbag.


Next on our list is Iggy Azalea, gracing the red carpets in 2013 as Cruella De Vil. Dressed head to toe in black and white for the Vevo Halloween event accompanied by a matching monochrome pooch.


It wouldn’t be a #TBT without featuring pre-baby mama Kim Kardashian. Back in 2011 she rocked a classic villain costume, dressing as Poison Ivy. She paired her leaf-covered mini dress with a matching mask and long red locks.


Did someone say shade? In 2013, socialite Paris Hilton turned up to Playboy’s Halloween party as Miley Cyrus in her famous teddy bear leotard she wore back at her very controversial VMA performance that year. We’re still not sure whether Paris was secretly having a dig at the Hannah Montana star or whether it was all just a bit of friendly joking around..


Heidi Klum, year after year, kills it with the Halloween costumes but her best transformation by far has to be her disguise into the sultry Jessica Rabbit. The supermodel went all out for Halloween 2015, adorned in prosthetics and stage makeup; watch a sped up version of the makeover here.


Hope this #TBT gives you some ideas for what you can dress up as for Halloween this year!



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