Q&A with Vogue stylist Bay Garnett

Q&A with Vogue stylist Bay Garnett

Q&A with Vogue stylist Bay Garnett

11 questions to get to know top Vogue stylist, photographer and contributing fashion editor, Bay Garnett!

1. How did you start in the business?

I started by being really into thrift stores/charity shops. I was totally obsessed with hunting down great finds. It was a passion. It’s a great way of developing your own eye and staying off the fashion sheep path!

2. What is it about vintage that you like?

I like the thrill of the unexpected find. You have NO idea what it’s going to be. It might be nothing. Often is. But then again it might be the best thing EVER. And only one…

3. What is your favourite era for fashion?

70s. I love the whole thing of women in men suits – the blazer with T, the great denim and Ts, and then the whole Bohemian glamour. All SO rich and stylish.

4. What 80’s styles do you love?

I love Stranger Things!’ That kind of subtle 80s thing. Not the exaggerated style of it so much. But there was a lot to love. All the white jeans, club culture clothes, sweats. A lot to love!

6. What piece of clothing could you not do without?

I love my long back skirt! And I love a great blazer/tuxedo jacket. Couldn’t do without a sweatshirt or an oversized cashmere sweater. And tons more. I’m a clothes obsessive.

7. What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to be a stylist?

Get into your own thing. What is it?? Why do you love clothes? Whats the source. I think just doing it for fashions sake might not get you very far, because what spin or take are you adding? Bring your own unique passion to the party.

8. Where would you go to get some 80’s style steals?

Traid charity shop always has great 80s stuff. That’s the best for 80s. But always pop into your local charity shop when you’re passing. You never know!!

9. Who and what influence you?

Tons of stuff! Movies, street style, grannies style, wallpaper, books, charity shops. Life. Gotta keep my eyes open!

10. Which celeb’s style do you thinks on point?

Chloe Sevigny. Always. The others don’t come close. She’s a total original. And super creative and clever; in many mediums but particularly clothes.

11. Which braid styles are going to be big next year?

The 70s one. Hippie, cool and loose.  And of course and 80s club kid on a glamorous night out. All glossy and pulled back



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